Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has a wealth of riches to offer the traveller - from history and wildlife to culture and music. The carnival city of Rio de Janiero, home to the Olympic Games, is worth taking a trip aboard an MSC South American cruise! Whatever your passions and interests, our South America cruises offer a great way to celebrate spring in style!

The richness and la passione of South American culture is reflected in the landscape of sweeping vistas, tropical rainforests, secluded beaches and cities renowned for their vibrant energy and celebrations.

Destinations on our cruises to South America lead you through vastly different environments, from the tranquility of the private beach of Arraial to the energy of the city of Rio de Janeiro. When you travel to Salvador, the capital of the State of Bahia, see the dramatic mix of cultures that define South America-architecture infused with the colonial Portuguese past, contrasting with African influences.

On our Brazilian cruise itineraries, you'll find dramatic mountains and the Afro-Brazilian beats, dances and cuisine of Rio. The legendary beach towns of Copacabana and Ipanema make this the vacation capital of South America. You're invited to Carnaval, the biggest celebration of the year, but if you miss it, the contagious exuberance of South America will still amaze you.

Equally amazing are the South America cruise deals you'll find with MSC Cruises. Add this to our Kids Cruise Free policy and that adds up to an affordable vacation for the whole family!


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