Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel herded on your trips?

Absolutely not! Our ground transportation is by luxury limousines and/or VIP mini-vans. We don't use buses. Our groups are small - typically 6 to 12 people. All events are optional - you may join in group activities as much or little as you wish. Ample free time is also provided, so you can go off and explore on your own.

What will my fellow travelers be like?

First and foremost, people come to us for our innovative themes, so you will at least share a common interest with your fellow travelers. Given our high-end positioning and the cost of our tours, EuroPanache generally attracts a more select class of traveler than most of our competitors. Our guests vary in age from their mid 30s to their mid 60s with a few younger and a few older. 

Are there any age restrictions?

On elite group packages, only adults above the minimum drinking age (18 in most countries, 21 in USA) are allowed. For both private group travel and individual luxury breaks, children can be accommodated upon request.

I travel as a single. Will I feel out of place?

You will not feel out of place. Our groups are generally split 50/50 between singles and couples. Given the select nature of our guests and your shared interests in the theme, you’re bound to find someone to your liking on the trip.

Will EuroPanache find me a roommate?

We generally shy away from this practice. Most of our single travelers are not so budget-constrained, prefer to have their own space and will not take the risk of pairing up with some stranger they’ve never met. 

I have never traveled with a group before. Is it safe?

Your safety is our primary concern. We work with a leading private security firm to ensure that our guests remain as safe as possible. We never publish detailed itineraries in advance. We always vary routes and venues. We travel discreetly in order to avoid any type of unusual attention. Our groups are small and we never use large buses. Our overseas partners are aware that we are a gay-friendly company and take every step possible to ensure our safety.

Given my position, I am worried about privacy – what precautions do you take?

Unlike many other travel companies, EuroPanache has a very strict policy on the confidentiality of our guests. We will never publish your photos on our site without written permission. We never resell our guests’ names or contact information. We do not respond to any requests for information about our guests, other than the minimum legal requirements of government agencies, hotels, security firms and transportation companies involved in the tours you have booked. We demand the same of our partners.

Will the tour atmosphere be like a circuit party?

We leave so-called “party trips” to others. If that is what you’re looking for, we are not the right travel company for you. EuroPanache vacations are high-end and theme oriented. We do hope that you will meet that special person through EuroPanache, if that is what you desire. What you do in private is your own business.

What makes EuroPanache different from other travel companies?

  • EuroPanache does not merely subcontract or resell tours as do most of our competitors. We design and run all of our tours ourselves. We have companies, offices, and staff and are fully licensed and insured in both the US and the European Union and have an office and personnel in Australia, where we work closely with our local strategic partner, World Travel Concierge. 
  • We always strive to innovate with our themes and work with leading subject-matter experts to design the best tours possible. What distinguishes us from the pack are our themes and the access we provide our guests to extraordinary people, places and experiences. 
  • EuroPanache staff are all highly educated and experienced men and women who have traveled extensively and have lived abroad. We know what we’re doing and seek to control every step of the process. 
  • We strive to provide a high-end experience from the moment we pick you up at the airport when you arrive. You’ll stay in four and five-star châteaux, abbeys, palaces, manor houses and inns; travel first class – in trains, private jets, helicopters, VIP mini-vans and limousines; dine in the finest restaurants and meet extraordinary people. 

    Do you offer trip insurance?

    We do for travelers from the USA (excluding WA), Canada and Puerto Rico. You may purchase Travel Guard® insurance on-line when reserving your vacation. We highly recommend that you insure yourself against unexpected cancellation, whether through us or another provider.

    Is airfare to/from the point of departure of your tours included?

    Roundtrip airfare from your home to the point of departure is not included in our tour packages. Many of our clients use frequent flyer miles or make pre- and post-trip plans that they prefer to control themselves by booking their own air transportation. We do have partner travel agencies and can refer you to them if you need help in arranging your flights.

    Do you arrange pre- and post-trip extensions?

    Yes. We have special deals with leading hotels and can arrange private tours at the beginning or end of one of our tours.

    Do you arrange customized trips for singles, couples or groups of friends?

    We will be happy to customize a trip for any number of travelers. We will arrange high-end trips to any destination in the world. If the theme is not one of our existing ones, we ask for a $400 non-refundable research deposit to initiate arrangements, which is applied to the final cost of the trip if you decide to take it.

    What form of payment do you accept?

    We accept most major credit/debit cards. Published rates on the site are for credit card payments. All transactions are secure. If you wish to pay by bank wire, check or money order, we will pass the cost savings through to you in the form of a 3% discount on published prices.

    Are there straight and women travelers on your trips?

    Definitely. Although many of our clients are gay/lesbian, a slight majority (thus far) are straight. We view this as positive; an indication that acceptance of the gay/lesbian community is growing.

    How are you involved with GLBT and other minority causes?

    EuroPanache actively targets and supports the GLBT community. We have committed to donate 10% of our profits after tax to minority-oriented charities and medical research. We are members of the Sydney Gay/Lesbian Business Association and the International Gay/Lesbian Travel Association. We also only contract with gay/minority-friendly companies.
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